The Center for Lifelong Learning can only serve the community with the participation of our dedicated, professional expert teachers. Your expertise is valued. The CLL also offers new tools to help teachers market their classes in the community. Our newest example is our teacher blog network. If you would like to teach a class at the CLL, we want to hear from you.

Apply to Teach at the CLL

To find out more about applying to teach a new class, please locate a contact for your area of interest below.

Classes & Contact I

Kendall Harris, Associate Director, ude.c1495564593cbs@11495564593sirra1495564593HEK1495564593
Contact: Marianna Mashek, Administrative Assistant

  • Computers
  • Crafts (General Crafts, Jewelry, Sewing & Quilting, Ceramics, Woodworking)
  • Culinary Arts
  • Fine Arts
  • Film
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Home and Garden

Classes & Contact II

Jeanette Chian, Associate Director, ude.c1495564593cbs@s1495564593koorb1495564593naihc1495564593j1495564593
Contact: Lisa Draper, Administrative Assistant

  • Business/Finance/Work
  • Crafts
  • Current Events Fitness/Dance/Recreation
  • Genealogy
  • Health
  • Languages
  • Parenting
  • Psychology & Spirituality
  • Science & Nature
  • Glass Arts

Additional Staff Contacts: Click Here

Suggest a Class

If you would like to suggest a new class, please send email to gro.l1495564593lceht1495564593@ofni1495564593

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