At the CLL, Spring Semester gives way to a Summer term chock full of exciting new classes and workshops, as well as many old favorites. Staggered registration begins this week.

The Summer 2017 schedule is available at all three SBCC campuses – Wake, Schott, and main campus.  It’s also available on newsstands around town, or in PDF format, online, here. Take a peek and pique an interest you didn’t know you had!

Summer term runs from May 15 – August 5.

In this issue:

  • Fun in the Kitchen!
  • Social Rules for an Indian High Tea
  • Steve Jobs vs. Lew Wasserman
  • Mind & Supermind
  • 10th Annual Nonviolent Communication Conference
  • Language Learning Strategies and Survey
  • Lumens Reminder
  • Tuition Assistance Applications
  • Important Dates


Fun in the Kitchen!

Play with Your Food:  A Guide to Fearless Cooking

Fear of making a mistake has ruined many a meal.  Your attitude about cooking is essential for your success.  Staying in control, focusing and being calm and deliberate will help you overcome the challenges of cooking new recipes.  Whatever it takes, you need to make cooking fun and have that fun expressed in your culinary creations.

Play with Your Food: A Guide to Fearless Cooking
One day workshop, Thursday, April 20
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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Check out teacher Carol Cannon describe her fearless cooking class in our class highlight video

Social Rules for an Indian High Tea

  1. High tea is between 5:00pm and 7:00pm, any time before is considered low tea.
  2. Make food ahead of high tea and make sure the food is bite size.
  3. Keep the menu simple with half of the items complimenting the other half.
  4. It is “proper” to include at least three varieties of tea, green, oolong and fruit.
  5. Light music, aroma candles and fresh flowers add the perfect ambiance.

Indian High Tea
One day workshop, Saturday, April 29
1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

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Steve Jobs vs. Lew Wasserman

The 10 richest Hollywood Moguls today are:

George Lucas, Arnon Milchan, Seven Spielberg, Austin Hearst, Ryan Kavanaugh, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Thomas Tull, Jerry Bruckheimer, Steve Tish, and James Cameron.

But in Kathleen Sharp’s one day workshop she makes the argument that the Hollywood moguls of yesteryear have more in common with today’s Silicon Valley tech tycoons!

Is Silicon Valley The New Old Hollywood: How Today’s High Tech Tycoons Emulate the Old Hollywood Mogul
One day workshop, Tuesday May 23
6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

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View a short preview of the class watch our video:


Mind & Supermind and Nonviolent Communication Conference

May 8th to May 14th may qualify as one of the best weeks of the year at the CLL, with two sensational events taking place.

MIND & SUPERMIND:  On Monday, May 8, we’ll be offering our second Mind & Supermind lecture of the spring semester. Join cultural historian and psychologist Richard Tarnas, Ph.D., as he draws on depth psychology, philosophy, religion and cultural history to seek a larger context for both understanding and action.

Dr. Tarnas is professor of philosophy and psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and is the founding director of its graduate program in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. Sit back and enjoy “Humanity’s Rite of Passage”, a fascinating evening with Dr. Tarnas as he asks and answers the question:

Can we find a place of equilibrium, an eye in the storm, from which we can engage this time of intense polarization and change?

Mind & Supermind 2 
“Humanity’s Rite of Passage”
with Richard Tarnas, Ph.D.
Monday, May 8, 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Schott Auditorium

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In 2016, over 250 people from all over the world joined together for the NVC conference right here at our SBCC Wake Campus.

At the May 2017 Conference, learn how to:

  • Deepen connections
  • Speak from the heart without judgment
  • Transform conflict into compassion. 


  • Practical tools in mediation, restorative practices, and honesty in order to foster more harmony and peace at home and work.

Spend a few minutes right now with facilitator Rodger Sorrow to learn more!

Watch the video here

10th Annual Nonviolent Communication Conference
May 12 – May 14, 2017


Language Learning Strategies and Survey

Here are three really simple but very effective tips!

  1. Just try to get the gist of the conversation or reading passage. You don’t need to understand every single word.
  1. Don’t monitor yourself for mistakes. It makes you nervous. Just relax and have fun.
  1. Try lowering your “affective filter” with a glass of wine.

Looking to brush up on your Spanish this summer? Look no further than the CLL for 9 great classes covering all levels. ¡Vámonos!

Here’s what we are offering May 15 – August 5:

Spanish Review – Beginning
Spanish 1
Spanish 2- Low beginning Conversational
Spanish Review – Beginning
Spanish Review – Intermediate
Spanish Review – Advanced
Spanish Review – Advanced
Spanish Review – Intermediate
Spanish 3 – Beginning Conversational

Check out our summer CLL classes

Visit our registration site here to sign up for Summer term CLL Language classes!

Quick Survey About a New Language Learning Strategies Class:

We’d love to know if you’d like a class teaching strategies, tricks and tips from Dr.  Joan Rubin, world famous language teaching expert. Thanks for taking the incredibly brief survey.

Lumens Reminder

User Names and Passwords for Lumens are Case Sensitive

  • If you are having trouble with your user name, for security purposes Lumens advises using your email address.
  • Students who are not using an email address as their user name may experience trouble signing into their profile.
  • Lumens will let you know if your user name may be showing on another profile.
  • If you would like your email address as your user name, you can go into your profile and make the change.

Remember user names and passwords are case sensitive.

  • If you need any help at all with registration, we are here to help you!
  • Please call 805-683-8200 or come to the Wake or Schott main office.

Thank you!

Tuition Assistance Applications for Fall Semester 2017

Tuition Assistance Applications are available for Fall 2017 between

May 16 and June 16.

The tuition assistance awards will once again be $125 per student for CLL classes.

There will be hard copies of the application form at the Schott and Wake front desks, or you can apply online at


Important Dates

Fall 2017 Tuition Assistance Applications:                  May 16 – June 16

Last Day of Spring Semester 2017                              May 14

Summer Term – classes start every week                  May 15 – Aug. 5

Independence Day                                                     July 4

View the complete CLL calendar

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